Certificate of (Non)Convictions

How to receive the certificate from the Punishment Register?



Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia stops providing services in person.

1.Submission of a request

The application and the documents required for the preparation of the certificate can be submitted in the most appropriate way:

  • sending it to an address by post: Bruninieku Street 72B, Riga, LV-1009;
  • by fax (fax number: +371 67208219).

ATTENTION! If the certificate is ordered by fax or e-mail, the payment order. It is desirable to make sure that the documents have been received calling by phone +371 67208218

 2. Issuing of the prepared certificate

 The prepared criminal record certificates can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • by registered letter sent to the address indicated in the request (the service is available only in the territory of the Republic of Latvia);
  • in the form of an electronic document to the e-mail indicated in the request. In order to receive the prepared statement in this way, the request must be submitted by sending it to kanceleja@ic.iem.gov.lv as a document is signed with a secure electronic signature.
ATTENTION!  Before ordering the certificate in electronic form it is advisable to make sure that the institution (organization) to which it will be submitted will consider it valid.

3. What are the changes regarding the submission of applications and issuance of the certificates before the holidays?

The requests will not be submittable and the prepared certificates from 22.06.2020 till 24.06.2020. 
The certificates of the Express tariff Requested on: 30.04.2020. will be prepared on 05.05.2020.
  • 12.06.2020. will be prepared on 13.06.2020.;
  • 13.06.2020. will be prepared on 15.06.2020.;
  • 19.06.2020  will be prepared on 25.06.2020.
The certificates of the Standard tariff will be prepared by the following timetable:
Date of the submission of the application Date of the prepared of the certificate
08.06.2020 13.06.2020
09.06.2020 15.06.2020
10.06.2020 16.06.2020
11.06.2020 17.06.2020
12.06.2020 18.06.2020
13.06.2020 19.06.2020
15.06.2020 25.06.2020
16.06.2020 26.06.2020
17.06.2020 29.06.2020
18.06.2020 30.06.2020
19.06.2020 01.07.2020
Information on any changes may be acquired by calling: (+371) 67219111.

4. How to receive the certificate while being abroad?

Foreign citizens can receive the certificate on (non)convictions in any Diplomatic Representation of the Republic of Latvia. The additional information on Diplomatic Representations you can find in the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia

5. What documents shall be submitted?

When requesting data on (non)conviction of a Private Person:
When requesting data on (non)conviction of a Legal Person:
  • Request
  • State tax payment order. 

6. What shall be included into the request?

If requesting data on a Private Person
If requesting data on a Legal person
Forename (forenames), family name of the person (if the person has changed his/her forename or family name, all former forenames and family names shall be listed in the request)
 Name of the Legal Person
Personal ID code
(if no ID code, please specify the date of birth)
Registration  number
Residential address and telephone of the person
Registered address and telephone
What data are required
(On criminal and/or administrative offences)
What data are required
(On administrative penalties and compulsory measures applied on the Person)
In what language would you prefer your certificate: Latvian, Russian, English
Information Centre issues the certificates provided for the submission to the state and municipal authorities of the Republic of Latvia in the official language
Reason for issuance of the certificate
(if the submitter requires inclusion of any specific data into their certificate)
State and the institution issuing the certificate
(if the submitter requires inclusion of any specific data into their certificate)
Time of execution of the certificate:
within 5 (five) business days or under express time limit (within 1 business day).
Urgent certificates of (non)conviction are prepared on the next working day. In case the request for receiving the urgent certificate has been submitted right before the weekend or holidays, the certificate will be prepared on the first following working day


7. What shall be presented when submitting documents and receiving the certificate?

It is necessary to present the original of the personal identification document when submitting the documents and receiving the certificate. When receiving the certificate for legal entity,
Member of the Board shall present Notice from the Register of Enterprises, proving his/her relation to the company; if he/she is representative of another company – the Power of Attorney.

8. Who may submit documents and receive the certificate?

In case physical person is absent, the request may be submitted by any other person. However, the certificate may be received only by an authorized person, presenting a certified Power of Attorney. Parents or tutors submit the request and receive the certificate for the person which has not reached the age of 18 yet, for the person which is in charge – the trustee.

9. What data will be contained in the certificate?

When requesting data from the actual database of the Register, information on:
  • Valid convictions (undeleated),
  • Administrative penalty applied on the private or legal person, from the date of which less than a year has passed;
  • On compulsory measures applied on the legal person.
When requesting data from the register archive database, the person, along with the data accrued in the actual database of the register, will receive information on the following:
  • Deleted conviction,
  • Criminal processes, in which the person was acquitted,
  • Administrative penalty applied on the private or legal person, from the date of which more than a year has passed,
  • Executed compulsory measures applied on the legal persons.

10. State tax, paid services and tax reliefs.

The state tax and the provided services may be paid for in the Information Centre by payment card or the necessary payments may be done in credit institutions before submission of the documents.
Certificates are issued in accordance with the payment tariffs specified in Regulation No.563 of 23 September 2014 "Regulations regarding the Issuance and Receipt of the Information from the Punishment Register, Amount of the State Fee and Requirements for processing tje Certificate".
When providing a document certifying the corresponding status, the following persons are exempted from state tax fee:
  • Disabled persons;
  • Fully State or local government supported persons;
  • Persons declared as of low-income in accordance with the procedures set out in regulatory enactments;
  • Children until reaching the age of 18;
  • Orphans or children who are left without parental care after reaching the legal age until the age of 24.
State tax shall be as follows:
  • EUR 12,81 for issuance of the certificate according to express tariffs (to the following business day),
  • EUR 4,27 for issuance of the certificate according to standard tariffs (within five business days).
State tax has to be paid in the credit institution before the submission of the written request
the State Treasury,Registration Certificate No.:90000050138
the State Treasury, Code:TRELLV22 Sub-account: LV51TREL1060140919800
Please specify as purpose of the payment order
CM Regulations No.563
or at submission of documents to the Information Centre.

In case person wants to receive the certificate in English/Russian and/or if receiver of the certificate is located in Latvia and wants to receive the certificate by registered mail, the submitter shall attach to the request evidence on the settlement of the respective paid service.

Paid services of the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior are rendered in accordance with the pay tariffs prescribed in the Regulations No.656  adopted on 27 August, 2013 by the Cabinet of Ministers.

State tax shall be as follows:
  • EUR 10,02 for translation of the certificate in English or Russian according to the express tariff (available in the next business day);
  • EUR 5,01 for certificate according to standard tariff (available within five business days);
  • EUR 3,36 for delivery of the certificate to a given mailing address within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.
The amount of the price for the service “Translation of the certificate of the Punishment register into English or Russian “ is reduced:
for 50 percents when providing the corresponding document original or the registration number, issuer and date of coming into force of the document certifying the status of the person:
  • Politically repressed persons;
  • Disabled persons;
  • Low income persons.
for 10 percents for tax payers who are certified members of the Extended Cooperation Programme.
Payment for paid services may be settled in
credit institution prior to submission of documents
MI Information Centre, Registration Certificate No.:90000289913
Beneficiary institution (Bank)
the State Treasury, Code:TRELLV22 Sub-account:LV96TREL2140088026000
Purpose of the payment order shall state
IKK 21399
Persons who need the certificate for the USA visa processing have to add the payment order on the request copying and certificate issue in the sealed up envelope to the payment order on the state tax pay for the certificate on (non)conviction receipt.

11. Samples of request form.

Sample of the request form for private persons.