Compilation of statistical information from the data available within the information systems

1. Compilation of statistical information from  the data available within the information systems is a paid service, and its tariffs are set by the Regulations No. 1200 adopted on the 28 December 2010 by the Cabinet of Ministers „Regulations on the Paid Services Pricelist of the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior”.

2. Service applies to the compilation and issue of the statistical information, which is not included in the periodically published reviews or reports of the Information Centre, and which is not publicly available on the Information Centre web-page under section „Statistics”.

3. Compilation of the Statistical Information can be ordered by submitting the request to the Information Centre, containing following information:

  • • name, surname and address of the applicant;
  • • contact information (phone number or e-mail address);
  • • detailed description of the information requested.

4. Requests may be submitted:

  • • in person at the Information Centre;
  • • by mail or fax;
  • • by e-mail (as a document signed with a secure electronic signature).

Contact information of the Information Centre

5. Prior to the compilation of the information, applicants will be informed about the costs of the services requested.

6. Compiled statistical information may be obtained after the full payment for the provided services has been made, and the applicant can confirm it with the according document.

7. Payment for the provided services can be made:

  • • via credit institution 


MI Information Centre Registration certificate No.:90000289913


the State Treasury,                                    Code:TRELLV22                                                          Sub-account: LV96TREL2140088026000

Please specify as purpose of the payment order

IKK 21399 For the Statistical Information

  • • at the Information Centre before receiving the information requested.

Currently only cash payments are accepted when paying for services at the Information Centre.

Submission of documents and receipt of information can be done at the following times: 


9.00 AM – 11.00 AM

13.00 PM – 16.00 PM


10.00 AM – 13.00 PM

14.00 PM – 18.00 PM


9.00 AM – 11.00 AM

13.00 PM – 16.00 PM


10.00 AM – 13.00 AM

14.00 PM – 18.00 PM


9.00 AM – 11.00 AM

13.00 PM – 16.00 PM

On the last business day before holidays, working hours may change. Information on any changes may be acquired by calling: 67219111.