The Chief of the Centre

In accordance to the order of the Ministry of the Interior of 02 September 2015 on the Chief of the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior, former Deputy Chief of the Centre - Pjotrs Dorogovs was appointed as the new Chief of the Centre.

P.Dorogovs works at the Centre since 2005. During his career, he has been Head of the National Schengen Information System (N.SIS) Division.

P.Dorogovs managed development and implementation of N.SIS in Latvia.

In the year 2012, P.Dorogovs was appointed as Deputy Chief of the Centre by holding responsibilities on the progress and strategy development of the Centre as well as planning of technical and information resources development and leading the creation of national and international IT development projects.

As a PhD student of the Information Technology Institute of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of the Riga Technical University, P.Dorogovs participated in several scientific conferences and he is an author of variety of scientific publications.

In 2008, P.Dorogovs received a “Medal of Honour” (Goda Zīme) – a reward of the Ministry of the Interior, for a professional work and active participation in events, related to Latvia’s accession to the Schengen Zone.