Project name“Arrangement and Equipping of the Detained Foreigners Accommodation Centre “Mucenieki” (Round 1)”.   

Project implementerState Border Guard of the Ministry of the Interior.

Project implementation19.04.2017 - 31.10.2017.

Project costsThe total financing of the project is EUR 358,818.00 (of which financed from the Fund: EUR 269,113.00).

Specific goal of the projectTo furnish and equip the premises of the Detained Foreigners Accommodation Centre “Mucenieki” with household equipment, furniture and office equipment in accordance with the requirements and standards of the European Union.

The framework of the projectThe project is implemented to purchase equipment and facilities for furnishing living quarters, common areas, including medical isolation facilities, children's playroom, dining room, laundry room, interview room, meeting room and other rooms, as well as office premises for the SBG employees, training premises and walking area.

As a result of the project implementationEquipment and facilities (furniture, household appliances and inventory; office equipment; medical equipment; training equipment and inventory) is purchased, office premises for the SBG employees are equipped. 

SBG contact person: Inga Svirska

e-mail address:

Tel. 67075741

Fax: 67075756

IC of the MoI contact person: Artis Jurkevics

e-mail address:

Tel. 67219045