Project name“Improving the performance of information technology resources and preventing security risks in the process of searching for and processing information on asylum seekers”.    

Project implementerInformation Centre of the Ministry of the Interior.

Project implementation13.04.2017 - 30.04.2017.

Project costs: the total financing of the project is EUR 382,332.00. (of which financed from the Fund: EUR 382,332.00).

Specific goal of the project: reduce security risks by using proxies that are equipped with antivirus and URL filtering functionality.

The framework of the project:

The project is being implemented to upgrade the infrastructure to provide higher performance, prevent security threats, expand the IT infrastructure with two proxy servers, the appropriate licenses, and a server management tool. As a result of the measures taken, security requirements will be observed and risks of danger in the process of searching for and processing information on asylum seekers will be eliminated.

As a result of the project implementation:

Faster availability of information resources available in the public network has been ensured (the performance of technical resources in the event of an increase in workload will be significantly improved) in order to process information on asylum seekers more efficiently.

IC of the MoI contact person: Līga Peisniece

e-mail address:

Tel. 67208369