1. Name of the Fund

European External Borders Fund

2. Annual programme


3. Priority

Priority “Support for the establishment of IT systems necessary for the implementation of Community instruments in the field of external borders and visas”

4. Activity

Activity 4.8 “Development of SIRENE data-flow information system”

5. Project name

"Development of the SIRENE data flow information system"

6. Project description

Within the framework of the EBF 2011 programme, the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior has provided the data exchange functionality of the SIRENE data flow information system (hereinafter - SIRENE IS) for operation in the sTESTA data transmission network and compatibility with the second generation Schengen information system (hereinafter - SIS II). These activities took place before the migration to SIS II and were necessary to meet the requirements of the European Commission.

However, during the migration to SIS II on 9 April 2013, during the first months of operation of SIS II, the Member States identified problems with the correct display of the migrated SIS message on vehicle number plates and vehicle registration documents in SIRENE IS. Consequently, version 1.3.1 of the Data Exchange Between SIRENES (DEBS) document, approved shortly before the introduction of SIS II, did not provide a solution to the problem of displaying Schengen identifiers issued in SIS II. DEBS describes the general technical requirements for the national SIRENE IS solutions of the Member States.

In view of the above, the SIRENE formation meeting of the SIS-VIS Committee on 12 July 2013 decided to modify the DEBS version, thus creating DEBS version 1.3.2, which mainly includes changes concerning the display of the length of the Schengen ID in alerts for individual object categories migrated from SIS I+. Consequently, all Member States must ensure that the SIRENE IS is updated accordingly on the basis of the SIRENE Manual and other implementing measures for the second generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) and in accordance with Article 1.10 (2) of the Annex thereto. Without implementing this requirement, the Latvian SIRENE IS will not be able to fully process (receive and send) additional information on certain categories of SIS alerts.

In addition, in order to further develop the functionality of SIRENE IS, in addition to the changes specified by the EC, it is necessary to ensure the implementation of other improvements of the system. In order to increase the ease of use of SIRENE IS and to reduce the number of errors made by system users, thus improving the overall process of exchanging supplementary information with the Member States, it is necessary to complement the functionality of the SIRENE IS related to blocking the transmission of SIRENE forms, when no SIS alerts has been created in the Central System. It is also necessary to ensure that the reports generated by the SIRENE IS are adapted by providing users with an appropriate report retrieval tool.

7. Procurement

Procurement procedure no. IeM IC 2014/2 EĀRF

Procurement procedure no. IeM IC 2014/6