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In 85% of cases, the location of the caller in emergency situations will be determined with an accuracy of up to a radius of 50 meters

The Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with Google and Apple smartphone operating system manufacturers, has introduced a new technological solution, Advanced Mobile Location ( AML), which will allow the location of the caller to the single emergency number 112 to be determined with an accuracy of up to a radius of 50 meters in 85% of cases, by transmitting this information immediately to the rescue services.

When the single emergency number 112 is called, the location service is automatically activated on the smartphone and a free text message is sent to the rescue services via the networks of the mobile operators. The ability to pinpoint the location of the caller will be ensured using information provided by the Global Positioning System (GPS) or the wireless local area network (Wifi). After sending the information, the location service will be deactivated. Note that the solution is available to Apple smartphone users who have installed at least an iOS 13 phone operating system upgrade (AML functionality is available for Android users starting with Android 4.1) and have agreed to provide location data to rescue services during installation. There is no need to download any additional mobile apps.

The solution will allow rescue services to locate the caller more accurately, thus reducing the time required to pinpoint the location and send resources out for assistance. It is important to realize that even a second is crucial in emergencies.

Given that not all citizens use smartphones or that the necessary updates may not been made, the AML solution will serve as an alternative to the current location pinpointing method, which provides that information about the caller's location is passed to rescue services by electronic communications merchants.

It should be noted that the caller's location data (call date and time, coordinates, mobile phone number, SIM card identifier, mobile phone identifier) is anonymous - no natural person is identified during data acquisition. The Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior does not maintain the received location data nor links it with a natural person, but it is performed by the operational services if necessary. The information obtained is intended to be used solely for the performance of the duties of rescue services.

Latvia will be the twenty-first country to introduce the AML technological solution as an existing alternative to the type of caller location information provided by electronic communications merchants, at the request of the Association of the European Single Emergency Call Number “112”.

For reference:

Electronic communications operators shall transfer data to the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with Cabinet Regulation of 26 May 2014 No. 271 “Regulations on Determination, Processing, Maintenance and Transfer of the Location Data of the Caller - Terminal Device of the Electronic Communications Service User” issued on the basis of to the Electronic Communications Law. The AML solution was developed in accordance with Directive (EU) 2018/197 of the European Parliament and of the Council.