On 12 February 2007, the Council of the European Union adopted the special program “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” for 2007-2013, the budget of which is approximately 600 million EUR. Together with the “Criminal Justice” program, this program replaces the previous AGIS program - the framework program for police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

This program provides financial support for activities under Title VI of the Treaty on European Union concerning the prevention of and fight against all forms of crime (in particular, terrorism, trafficking in human beings and children, illicit drug and arms trafficking, corruption and fraud).

The specific financial program “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” covers the following topics:

  • crime prevention;
  • law enforcement;
  • witness protection and support;
  • protection of victims.

In this field of activity, the program shall in particular:

  • develop coordination and cooperation between law enforcement agencies, other institutions and EU organizations;
  • promote best practices for the protection of witnesses and victims;
  • promote the methods required for the strategic prevention and combating of crime and the maintenance of security.


Projects of the Information Centre of the MoI implemented with the financial support of the European Community program “Prevention of and Fight against Crime”:

  • Establishment of a database of victims of crime.
  • Improving the inventory of stolen and lost cultural property to prevent and combat smuggling of cultural property.
  • Implementation of an integrated international data search solution. Project report
  • Establishment of a support system for minors.
  • Development of a geographic - analytical information system for restricting illicit drug trafficking.

 “Development of Passenger Name Record (PNR) System in Latvia”

Project summary

From 2 January, 2014, the Information Centre implements the project “Establishment of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) System in Latvia” within the framework of the EU funding program “Guarantee of Freedom and Security” sub-program “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” (HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/PNR).

The project is implemented in cooperation with the State Police, the State Border Guard, the Customs Criminal Board of the State Revenue Service and the Legal Department of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as by involving additional partners from Latvia and abroad.

Project activities include a wide range of tasks, the performance of which is critical for the creation of a functioning, efficient and adoptable PNR system. The main project activities are:

· An international study on PNR data analysis techniques for the detection of  suspicious persons and activities, as well as a detailed survey of national and international practices in the areas of PNR data protection, storage and exchange. The results of the study will be presented at an international conference in Brussels;

· Development of the necessary technical solutions and software products, as well as creation of IT infrastructure to ensure the functioning of the PNR system, envisaging the improvement and optimization of several existing information systems of the MoI for successful data exchange and comparison with PNR;

· Establishment of a complete and fully functioning Passenger Information Unit under the Security Police, which provides for the installation of physical premises and infrastructure, as well as the definition of the work process and the training of staff.