1.    Project code

NO FI LV0035

2.    Project name

Improvement of the Punishment Register of the Republic of Latvia.

3.    Project applicant

Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter - IC IoM). Address: Bruņinieku 72B, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1009.

4.    Contact information



+371 6720 8218

+371 6720 8674


+371 6720 8219


5.    Project impact

The project will be implemented and the deliverables will be delivered to the Information Centre, Riga, Bruņinieku 72B.
During the implementation of the project, the beneficiaries will be all users of the information systems maintained by the IC MoI - employees of law enforcement agencies - mainly employees of the State Police and other institutions of the Ministry of the Interior.

6.    The overarching goal of the project

To provide IC MoI IS users with a fast and efficient solution for processing and displaying stored information for analytical tasks.

7.    Project goals

  • provide users with the ability to view information in different cross-sections:
  • enable users to define the required reports themselves;
  • ensure the use of advanced data analysis methods;
  • basic database load reduction;
  • improvement of reporting speed;
  • centralized storage and analysis of audit records.

8.    Project task

Establishment of the infrastructure necessary for the operation of the data warehouse, development of the data warehouse, Punishment Register, NSIS and other IS data aggregation software maintained by the IC.

9.    Expected results

More efficient processing of the data from the Schengen Information System and the Punishment Register, as well as IIIS within the data warehouse:

  • Prompt processing and analysis of data to be included in the Punishment Register in various cross-sections will be achieved, as well as updating and auditing thereof;
  • Adequate protection, storage and control of the use of information will be ensured;
  • Necessary preconditions will be created for the efficiency of detection of criminal offenses, more effective implementation of the principle of inevitability of punishment and improvement of execution of punishments;
  • Integration (data exchange, information analysis) with information systems maintained by IC (Punishment Register, NSIS).

10.    Procurement

An open tender has been announced PROCUREMENT No: IeM IC V-2008/16

Procurement procedure No. IeM IC V-2008/26

Request for quotations Procurement No: IeM IC V-2009/7

Procurement No: IeM IC V-2009/16

Procurement No: IeM IC V-2009/17

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