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The purpose of the service is to provide the following functions:
1) to perform the registration, registration and re-registration of a Category E gas weapon, as well as to control the procedures for the re-registration of the gas weapon commenced.
2) to receive online information from the “Integrated home affairs information system” subsystem “Arms register” on:
(a) firearms and gas weapons registered;
(b) arms permits and their term of validity,
(c) the statement number and date of the execution of the control shots of firearms belonging to them,
(d) the conformity of the state of health of the person with the possession (carrying) of weapons or the operation of weapons.
3) to receive information from the “Register of Licences and Certificates” subsystem of the State Information System “Integrated Home Affairs Information System” regarding certificates registered by them, such as the certificate of the security guard, detective action, pyrotechnician, bomber, driver of blasting works and their term of validity.

Process description

  1. Request
    The service can be requested on the website. The service is available to users of the site who have authenticated themselves with a secure electronic signature smart card, electronic identification card (eID) or authentication features of their own internet banking.

  2. Receiving
    1. No additional identification is required for the receipt of a Category E gas weapon registration, re-registration service. The service is provided electronically and all operations are displayed on the screen. When you complete the service successfully, a message is displayed on the screen.
    2. For the receipt of a reference from the national information system “Integrated home affairs information system” for the subsystems “Arms register” and “Register of licences and certificates”, no additional identification is required. The reference is prepared in the form of a *. pdf file that the user can open or save on his or her computer.