Archive of the Information Centre

Collections contained in the archive:

  • Continuously stored documents of MI and some of its institutions, incl. personal and pension records in relation to former employees of MI system, data on salaries of employees of MI system;
  • Records on persons deceased in imprisonment before 2000;
  • Notices to institutions in relation to criminal matters terminated pursuant to law.

Information is available:

  • According to the procedure established in legal enactments in relation to protection of rights and other public administration institutions to ensure fulfilment of their obligations in line with the level of their competence, by submitting written request.
  • To physical persons in relation to persons under their solicitude, deceased relatives, and based on the Power of Attorney - in relation to any other person.

To receive data from the Archive, private person along with their application shall submit copy of the personal passport data page (page containing personal data and signature), while in case of requesting of data in relation to persons under their solicitude or deceased relatives, copies of documents justifying relationship, guardianship or the fact of death.
Application may be submitted and certificate may be received in person at the following address: Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1, 6.korpuss, Riga, Ph.: 67829000, 67829007, 67829002. Reception hours on working days (except Friday) from 8:00AM-12:00PM and from 1:00PM 3:00PM. E-mail:

Record storage term:

Set according to storage term requirements for storage of documents in public institutions.

Legal regulations in relation to operation of information systems:

  • 11.02.2010. Archives Law of the Republic of Latvia;
  • 12.04.1995. Law of the Republic of Latvia „On the Determination of the Status of Politically Repressed Persons for Victims of Communist and Nacist Regimen”;
  • 14.09.1998. MI Order No.404 „On Instructions for Creation and Use of  Terminated Criminal Matters”;
  • 28.02.1995. MI Order No.73 „Instructions on the Procedure of Registration, Circulation and Storage of Personal Records of Employees of Home Affairs Institutions”.