ERDF Project

Purpose of the operational programme "Infrastructure and Services", Appendix 3.2 of the priority "Enhancement of Accessibility and Approachability of Territories", Measure 3.2.2 "IKT Infrastructure and Services", Activity "Development of Publicly Administered Electronic Services and Information Systems", Sub-activity "Development of Information Systems and Electronic Services” is enhancement of efficiency of public administration, enhancement of electronization, development, accessibility and quality of public services, reduction of administrative burden on population and merchants, expanding of opportunities for residents to involve into public processes, development of information systems by ensuring technical basis for development of electronic services and improving circulation of information, by an effective use of information and communication technologies. The sub-activity is aimed at development of infrastructure of information and communication technologies, including development of information system and services in several areas – healthcare, employment and social security, culture and others, ensuring both access to information resources and maintenance of these resources. Purpose of the sub-activity shall be development and improvement of information systems provided for all and several public administration institutions, ensuring consistency and integration of these information systems, as well as development of services with participation of several public administration institutions and using of several information systems.

European Regional Development Project „Development of the Biometric Data Processing System”